Frequently asked questions

1. Specification of broadcast music sequences / Play-list

This information will be integrated shortly in our broadcasting list as soon as our computerized system is actualized. Forecast: by summer 2008.

2. Is it possible to get you on the FM band? Have you got an FM frequency?

No, we cannot broadcast on FM, whether in France or elsewhere, on the one hand because we are a Swiss-based radio and on the other because the FM band is already too crowded to integrate new radios. On the other hand,

- we shall soon be broadcast throughout Europe by summer 08 through satellite “HotBird 8”. Information will be given there and, in due time, on our “News” page.

- So. we will be on air in all European countries around the clock and easily tunable through a non-coded signal, therefore costfree.

- We are also considering broadcasting (possibly in 2010) through the new hertzian band DAB,but only in Switzerland.

3. How is programming worked out?

- The programming system we propose to adopt is slightly different from that of other radios.

- Actually , we intend to broadcast, for each hour, a balanced and homogenous musical programme, established according to the following concept: either of a same style, or a same period, or a same instrument, or a same soloist, so as to avoid musical incoherencies or too abrupt contrasts or patchwork mixtures as is often the case with other radios.

- We have also chosen to broadcast as often as possible live concerts in extenso. For we have found that only rarely can one experience the warm atmosphere of concerts on a radio station.

4- La diffusion sur Internet subit quelques coupures...

Yes, it happens from time to time. It is due essentially to an overcharge of the net or of failures of internet servers. It also depends on the number of users who connect themselves on our site. But as a whole this type of breakdown is relatively rare or of short duration. In such an occurrence one had better connect oneself again a few moments later.