The concept of a topical radio specialised in jazz-focused music was born between 1995 an 97 from an idea of its creator, Philippe Zumbrunn (a Jazz fan since 1946) based on the realization that this type of radio could find some response given the massive audiences of the three main Jazz festivals in French-speaking Switzerland, namely those of Montreux (July), Cully (March), as well a the “11 plus” in Lausanne (Oct.—Nov.).

From the start, several personalities of the Jazz scene in French-speaking Switzerland agreed to cooperate, among whom Claude Nobs (Montreux—Jazz), Peter Schmidlin (TCB records), Jacques Muyal (musicologist and producer of Jazz films and DVD’s) and Kurt Weil (vibraphonist), Fabrice the famous French-TV compère and Jazz fan, and many more personalities.

The equipment and hardware that had been gathered for that purpose since 1997 allowed the broadcasting to begin on the new website in August 1999, as well as on some cabled nets in French-speaking Switzerland since december 2007(NET2000 97.2).

The concept

Radio Jazz International broadcasts exclusively Jazz-related music from all parts of the world around the clock: Swiss, European, American and even Asian.

RADIO JAZZ International proposes to enrich its musical programmes with various items: presentation of new recordings, information on artists and concerts, broadcasting of festival archives (namely of Montreux), as well as live or recorded concerts, according to contract possibilities. p>

During the first stage (1999—2006), a temporary non-stop programme was broadcast without comments on its website www.radio-jazz.com. and www radiojazz.ch.

In the second stage (end 2007 - 2008), it will be broadcast through European satellite so as to reach either private users equipped with parabolic aerials and adequate receivers or through national or international providers of cabled nets throughout Switzerland and Europe.

It is also desirable that Radio Jazz International should be broadcast all over the Swiss national territory (then, as far as possible, over the other European countries) through the new radio band, dubbed D. A. B. (Digital Audio Broadcasting), which should be meant to complete the FM band in the near future (provided this system develops correctly).

RADIO JAZZ International by advertising sponsoring in close relation to jazz-minded listeners naturally.

Collaboration is being planned with the great Jazz events in Switzerland and abroad, as well as with international correspondents and other radio stations.

The godmother

During the Cully-Lavaux Jazz Festival of March 1998 the world-famous singer Dee Dee Bridgewater accepted to become the godmother of this new Radio. Furthermore, she recorded a set of identifying jingles for our Radio. We are truly honoured by her faithful friendship from our first meeting at the Montreux Jazz Festival of l984.

The godfather

The famous musician Manu Dibango, also an old friend of ours, is our godfather.